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What Our Billing Analysis Offers:

  1. Revenue Leakage Identification: Uncover missed billing opportunities and areas where your practice might be leaving money on the table.

  2. Focus On Three Key Metrics: We focus on the areas of billing that make the biggest impact to the overall revenue of the clinic.

  3. Streamlining Efficiency: Discover ways to streamline your billing workflow, saving time and resources so you can focus on your patients.

  4. Insurance Claims Review: Gain insights into your insurance claims process, minimizing delays and improving your reimbursement rates.

  5. Customized Recommendations: Get actionable recommendations tailored to your practice's specific needs, putting you on the path to enhanced profitability.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"My billing company stopped providing reports and I was busy treating patients so I didn't ask. Thanks to the Billing Analysis from AMBS, I was able to see that the billing company was not handling denials. AMBS helped me recover almost $200,000 worth of denied claims and write-offs."

- Daniel M. PT Owner in California.

"My Billing Analysis proved my billing company wrote off over $90,000 without working the claim. Instead of calling insurance companies to find out why the bills were not paid, they just wrote them off and told me that was normal!."

- Rebecca R, PT clinic owner in North Carolina.

"I just want to treat patients. I want someone else to handle the complicated intricacies of billing. Now that I had a Billing Analysis, I found out I was trusting the wrong company. But the good news is that AMBS has already recovered $60,000 of my AR and working with them has given me control over my company again."

- Nick W., PT Clinic owner in Michigan.

"I had a feeling my billers weren't doing everything right. But I didn't know how to check. I got the Billing Analysis and then Kristin and her team recommended policies and procedures to implement with my billing team and things are improving. And the best news is that I feel more in control!"  

- Elizabeth S., PT Clinic owner in Colorado.

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Whether you're a solo practitioner, a medical group, or a healthcare facility, our Free Medical Billing Analysis is tailored to elevate your financial success.