Maximize Revenue,

Simplify Billing.

All For One Flat Rate.


Our 10+ Years Of Experience And Specialists Help You Defeat Non-Paying Customers And Insurers So You Can Focus On What You Do Best.


Optimize Your Billing

No More Insurance Company Hassles.


Focus On Growth, We'll Take Care Of The Rest.

Flawless Billing

We Keep A Watchful Eye On Your Financial Health, So You Can Focus On Providing Exceptional Care. We Pride Ourselves In Accurate Coding And Error-Free Billing And Maintain A 98% Clean Claim Rate.

Customer-Centric Team

Our Fierce Team Will Fight For You While Giving You The Customer Care You Deserve. Our Superhero Billing Team Has Mastered Insurers' Tricks To Get What You've Rightfully Earned.

One Flat Rate,

No Hidden Fees

Locked-In For 12 Months, Our Flat Rate Ensures Your Comfort And Financial Stability, Enabling Your Practice And Revenue To Grow As Planned And Even More.

No Software


Unlike Many Billing Companies, You Won't Find Us Requiring Expensive New Software That Adds Complexity. We Work Directly In Your Current System For A Stress-Free Process.

Optimized Cost

& Cash Flow

Regain Control Over Billing And Revenue With Our Dedicated Billing Solution. We Handle Denials Daily To Prevent Accounts Receivable (AR) Escalation To Consistently Increase Your Earnings. 

Let Us

Handle It All

With Transparency And Improved Communication, You Can Forget About Insurance Company Hassles, Questionnaires, Or Payment Queries. Your Focus Remains On Care And Growth, While We Take Care Of The Rest.

Transform Your Billing

Our Unique Approach to Medical Billing

At AMBS, we offer a unique approach to medical billing. Our flat fee structure ensures that you can budget and plan better, without worrying about what percentage of collections will be taken from you. Additionally, we provide a comprehensive revenue cycle improvement process that will increase the amount collected. Best of all? There is no software to download. Let us handle your medical billing needs today.

We work with your software.

Unlike other medical billing companies, we don't require you to download any software or use any particular system. We work with your existing technology to simplify the billing process and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Experience the Benefits of Choosing Us

Improved Cash Flow

By maximizing revenue and processing claims quickly, we help healthcare providers improve their cash flow. In turn, this means that healthcare providers can pass on those savings to their patients and invest in their practices to provide even better care.

Transparency and Better Communication

Health care providers can spend less time dealing with insurance companies' customer service, questionnaires about billing or payment related queries. We provide regular updates, analysis reports, and one-on-one consults to keep healthcare providers informed of their financial standing.


Outsourcing medical billing services to us can save healthcare companies substantial money in overhead expenses, staff costs, and investments in technology. Partnering with us can also help healthcare providers reduce Claim rejections and denials, as we specialize in identifying and resolving issues, which maximize revenue.

A Team of Experts Working For You

Our team has years of experience in medical billing and revenue cycle management, which makes us experts in the field. With our knowledge in industry regulations, we can help healthcare companies avoid errors, improve compliance, and maximize their revenue.